About Sara


My name is Sara, and I love all things food related.  I mean, who doesn’t?  But really, food for me is so much more than a means of sustaining myself throughout the day – good food is a way of life.  There are few things that make me happier than a bite of something truly delicious (yes, one of those things is Disney World).  I would say I don’t know how I developed such a passion for food, but in reality I think this level of appreciation is genetic – just spend any holiday with my mother’s family and you will know what I’m talking about.

I love trying new foods, both out and about and at home in my own kitchen.  Traveling is the best because it gives you an opportunity to try dishes in the places where they originated or where they were made famous.  I studied abroad in Rome twice (once in undergrad and once in law school), and I lived in Scotland for a year.  I feel very lucky to have been able to travel to so many places in Europe during my studies and experience the birthplace of many of my favorite dishes.

I also love trying new dishes or treats at home because the sense of accomplishment when the final product is eyes-roll-back-in-head-delicious and gobbled up before the day is over is the best.  In law school, baking was my stress relieving activity (I would give whatever I made to my friends the next day so as not to have mountains of sugary buttery goodness staring at me while I was trying to study), and now that I am a new lawyer I am confident this tradition will continue.  So here I will chronicle my discoveries and determinations of what is worth trying and what needs to be added to the repertoire of baking and cooking.


One thought on “About Sara

  1. It is great that you and Christine started this blog! I love all baked goods you make but the scones you made in the spring were to die for. I look forward to visit this blog and see what I can make, something easy and take little time! I have lots of photos of beautiful food that I encountered in Japan and I can’t wait to show you. I have a picture of each bento when I got on the Shinkansen train; I can’t tell you how much joy it gave me to just look at each bento – eventually I had to eat it, but it was a pity!

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