About Christine


Hi, I’m Christine! While not nearly as accomplished a chef, baker, or world traveler as my older sister, my dedication and passion for food has undeniably been influenced by her attempts to continually discover new and delicious cuisines. I attribute much of my interest in food to growing up in a  multinational household  in which noodle and rice dishes were just as frequently served for breakfast as eggs and toast. I was always astounded by the number of people who had never or would never taste and experience the truly delicious, if somewhat unusual, meals that I had. Realizing such, I also believe that there is a great expanse of delicacies that I have yet to stumble upon. Therefore, my pursuit of variety and excellence in food is my attempt to avoid overlooking the unfamiliar but delicious. After studying abroad in London for a semester and gaining the experience of trying to cook truly good food with little time, space, equipment or money (an experience I like to call “cooking for peasants”), I appreciate the opportunities I get to travel and eat out, while also wondering how I can recreate the dishes I ate at home.


One thought on “About Christine

  1. I enjoyed reading your blog, Christine. It is lovely that you and Sara started this. I shall come to this site to get ideas of good and pretty looking food. I have just returned from Japan where I was in total heaven for beautiful and wonderful Japanese food (I wished there was 4 meal times a day)! I took the photo of each bento I had consumed on Shinkansen train. I can’t wait to show you and Sara these photos when you get home from Miami.

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