Maison Kayser for Nostalgic Breakfast

When my friend Emily and I were studying abroad in Rome during law school, we took a weekend trip to Paris.

Now with Emily visiting NYC, we sought a breakfast reminiscent of all those French pastries we feasted on in France. We decided on Maison Kayser, which in my opinion is a slightly fancier and more French version of my all time favorite Le Pain Quotidien. 

With my black coffee arrived a tiny Madeline – adorable.  Also I love surprise accompaniments, like the ginger cookies that would come with my masala chai tea at my favorite Indian restaurant in Edinburgh.

Then came my pain au chocolate.

Buttery, but still so fluffy and flaky, this was (and always is) the perfect accompaniment to a cup of coffee. If I didn’t have to worry about calories and other such nonsense, this would be my breakfast everyday.

Next, I had scrambled eggs with cheese and asparagus over toast.  Scrambled eggs over toast became a favorite of mine when I was living in Scotland, but apparently the French like it too.

To continue with the yellow theme, and to begin a weekend of pampering, we headed to Drybar for blowouts.  I’ll never say no to free balls of cookie dough covered in sugar and sprinkles.

And mimosas while someone else does my hair.

Final product!  Now we are ready for a day in the city!


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