A Taste of Cuba….and Mexico

So it’s probably quite apparent that work overtaken my life. Not to worry though, the months-long hiatus from blogging about food has come to an end and I have so many delicious things to share.  Best with me, as some of them are very outdated at this point, but hopefully they will have been worth the wait.

My return to food blogging begins with a visit to Cafe Habana. I had a law school friend and my sister visit over the last two weekends, and somehow I ended up here twice (I guess it really was that good). I actually remembered when I walked in that I had been here a few years ago with my cousin. We came specifically for the Mexican grilled corn, and I knew we had to order it again this time. 

It was just as delicious as I remembered! The corn is charred and it becomes so sweet and juicy. Then there’s the cheese and spices that just take this simple corn on the cob over the top. Someday when I have a grill……

On my first visit I ordered tacos al pastor (marinated pork, achiote, pineapple, pasilla and ancho peppers) which came with rice and beans. My family used to be so adverse to rice and beans (really just the beans), but little did we know what we were missing out on. I’ve recently decided that tacos are one of my favorite foods. And they are so diverse and modifiable! You can literally make them into anything you want.

We couldn’t NOT try the famous Cuban sandwich that has been deemed the best in NYC. After seeing the movie Chef last year I was on the hunt for THE best Cuban sandwich. This one definitely satisfied that craving.



The description of this sandwich is: citrus marinated roast pork, ham, Swiss cheese, chipotle mayo and a pickle.  Buttery, sweet, savory, tart all in one – this one really can’t be missed.


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