New NYC Discoveries

You can never say, “I’ve done New York.”  There is always something new and exciting to try, especially when it comes to the food department.  I’ve been to great places in the city for ramen, linguini vongole, crepes and donuts, but there is just so much more out there to explore and experience!  This past weekend I had an amazing time visiting several different food halls and markets around the city.  It was all I could do not to eat everything in sight – it was all just so enticing! Our first stop was the Plaza Food Hall.  It was lunchtime, but it felt like these beautiful desserts were just calling to me, beckoning me closer until I’d reached the point of no return. IMG_5514 I restrained myself from the sugar and chocolate and opted instead for a lobster roll.  The only time I’d ever had a lobster roll before had not been satisfactory, and so I was excited about giving it another go.  This one absolutely did not disappoint.IMG_5515 A perfectly toasted and buttered bun with huge chunks of lobster piled on top, and finally a generous drizzle of butter and dash of spices.  Let me tell you, as someone who declared her favorite food was lobster at age 5, this girl was in heaven.

I couldn’t resist this somewhat touristy photo of St. Patrick’s Cathedral.  It looks so beautiful now that it’s cleaned up and the scaffolding has been removed. IMG_5518 Next stop: Blue Bottle Coffee for a New Orleans coffee that came highly recommended.IMG_5519

The New Orleans coffee is served iced and it is cold-brewed with roasted chicory.  Whole milk and organic cane sugar round it all out into a perfect summer pick me up.  Not only was it great coffee, there was a deepness to the taste, which I assume was from the chicory, and the sugar was not overpowering to make it an overly sweet drink.  Well-balanced and refreshing, it fit in perfectly with the beautiful New York day we were enjoying.

So I had to take this picture . . . I LOVE Lady M Cakes and here was an unmanned truck full of them!!!!!  Once again, I must congratulate myself on my willpower at resisting either opening the truck and taking the cakes or simply driving away with the truck.

IMG_5520 Next on our food tour stop was Le District, which is like a French version of Mario Batali’s Eataly.  While there were so many amazing looking options to choose from (farm to table, barbecue, asian, bagels with all types of spreads and toppings), I selected a fluffy pain au chocolat. IMG_5521 I’m such a sucker for these wonderful pillows of goodness.  This particular croissant was light and flaky but with a rich buttery taste at the same time – and yes, its possible.  Then of course, everything is better with chocolate, so this was really a perfect afternoon snack.

For Sunday morning brunch, we visited The Smith.  As recommended, I ordered the Sicilian baked eggs.  Oh my, this was delicious.  A flavorful tomato sauce filled the baking dish and on top sat three slightly soft and runny eggs.  Artichokes and spinach added some veggies to the mix, and in the center sat a beautiful mound of burrata cheese.  Heavenly, especially with the slices of ciabatta to soak everything up.IMG_5524 This was actually incredible.  I would eat this all the time if I could.

Finally, a delicious weekend culminated with a final stroll around the city and a visit to Central Park. IMG_5528New York, what can I say, it never disappoints.


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