Lunch Offerings of Ghent and Bruges

Our Belgium Tour continued in Ghent and Bruges.  First, we visited Ghent where I finally was able to view the Ghent Altarpiece (aka Adoration of the Mystic Lamb).  As an art history major this was a major accomplishment.  We also were lucky in that the sun decided to come out and so we were able to take a lovely boat tour along the canals. IMG_5029 For lunch we were fortunate to stumble upon a small cafe called LKKR.  The sign in front said they offer soups, sandwiches and salads – perfect on what began as a grey drizzly day.  Mike had a sandwich with prosciutto, mozzarella, pesto, and arugula, as well as the soup of the day – tomato.IMG_5014 I went with the smoked salmon sandwich with arugula and mayo.  IMG_5015   Yes, it may look like a high ratio of bread to filling, but the whole sandwich was really lovely.  I love a good smoked salmon sandwich, and this one just hit the spot.  Fresh, with great flavors and textures, especially a nice crunch of the bread.  Delicious. Bruges was also lovely! IMG_5121 With this exceptionally beautiful day, we couldn’t pass up the change to take another canal boat tour. We also continued our Belgian beer education – Leffe blond for me, Brugse Zot for Mike.IMG_5107 Perhaps we ordered beer for lunch simply because we were in Belgium and it felt appropriate . . . or maybe it was because the cafe we chose required you to have a drink with your meal.  Regardless, no complaints from me! For lunch I had another croque monsieur with tomato and a side salad.  There is something so satisfying about toasty bread with melted cheese….. IMG_5109 We also visited the De Haalve Maan (Straffe Hendrik) Brewery for a tour and tasting.  After our glasses of Brugse Zot that were included in our tour, we decided to try the Straffe Hendrik Wild, a seasonal beer that one of the employees recommended.  With a 9% ABV, this triple ale was one of my other favorite beers of our trip.IMG_5137There was a really delicious sounding cheese board on the menu, but with only two of us we opted for the snack serving of Old Bruges cheese.  We received this generous slab of cheese that I considered tasted something like a cross between gouda, cheddar and swiss – so essentially it was amazing.  Creamy with a hint of sharpness but also a cross of nuttiness.  And the mustard for dipping was also excellent – it opened my eyes to a new way to eat cheese, and I must say I am a big fan.


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