Good Eats in The Hague

Our third country on our Europe adventure was The Netherlands.  We visited The Hague to visit a friend, and she took us to a delicious lunch at a very cute cafe.  The menu was all in Dutch, so she had to translate, but I was very happy with my selection.IMG_4983

I had an open-faced sandwich with arugula, cheese, watercress, pears and grapes.  I’m a big fan of open-faced sandwiches (less bread but you still get to enjoy it), and this one was particularly good because it was light, yet still satisfying, with lots of great fresh flavors.

Mike had an open faced sandwich as well with thinly sliced beef, arugula, and parmesan.  His was also very tasty.IMG_4984

We toured the city for the rest of the day, which was quite lovely once it stopped raining and the sun came out.  Here we came upon a canal where a floating “stadium” was being built to host the world championships in beach volleyball.IMG_4985

For dinner, we went to the beach for a sunset stroll and then selected a beachfront restaurant for dinner.  There were many to choose from, but we had to just take a gamble and pick one.  I think we were all surprisingly pleased with our selection.

We began with two types of bread that came with aioli, a garlic herb butter, and some chopped olives.  So good.  I love vacations because I feel like I am entitled to eat as much bread as I want – yes, I might have to pay for it later but I like to adopt the mindset that calories don’t count while you are on vacation.IMG_4996

For my entree, I had some type of white fish (I think it was labeled as red bass) that came with a mix of broccoli, tomatoes, green beans, carrots, olives and celery in a balsamic sauce.  IMG_4998

This was really quite delicious, and I was especially happy to get some veggies back into my system.

Mike ordered the prawns, which I don’t think he anticipated he’d have to peel himself.  Nevertheless, he peeled them all, and they were also very good.IMG_4997


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