Return to Paris – the essentials and some new great finds

My 2015 European adventure began in Paris.  This was my fifth time returning to this wonderful city, and  each time I think to myself that I really need to just live in Paris so I can experience all the deliciousness that it has to offer.  However, with limited time (less than 24 hours actually), I knew I had to prioritize but also give in to some indulgences.

First, a crepe.

I may have initially been drawn to the oversized jar of nutella on display, but I was in the mood for something a bit more savory, and so I ordered the “jambon fromage crepe.” (aka ham and cheese)

Gah, just look at the buttery crispiness on the outside of the crepe!IMG_4872

And then that melted, gooey, stringy swiss cheese in the middle.IMG_4873

Still warm, with a crispiness from the outside of the crepe, this literally tasted like heaven after an 8 hour plane ride.

Mid-afternoon we stopped for lunch/a snack.  We selected the charcuterie plate, which came with brie, prosciutto, salami, foie gras, and my favorite cornichon pickles.  And of course bread.IMG_4880

After our savory and salty lunch, a stop for sweets was next.  EVERY time I go to Paris since my second visit I ALWAYS make it a point to visit the Laduree macaron shop, preferably on the Champs Elysees.IMG_4884

There are always so many different flavors that it is hard to choose, but ultimately I made my decision.  There are some flavors that I almost always choose – pistachio, chocolate, raspberry, rose, and salted caramel.  Then I also try to taste some new flavors as well; this time it was orange blossom, Marie Antoinette tea, and Earl Grey.  My favorites were probably rose (predictable) and the Marie Antoinette flavor (the one with the blue shell).IMG_4889

Someday I will successfully make a more perfect French macaron.

Next stop – La Tour Eiffel.IMG_4897

Let’s just say we saw a TON in Paris, but we didn’t really do much.  Credit the long wait times for that one.

Regardless, Paris to me is really about food.  And art as well, but the art stays the same while there are always more food options to explore.  We found a quaint restaurant for dinner, and upon our arrival we were informed that only small plates would be available that evening.  No problem for me! I love having the opportunity to try lots of different things.IMG_4908

The waiter recommended that since there were four of us we order 12 total plates.  We had 2 types of mushrooms, fried chorizo, smoked salmon, black pudding, pickled vegetables, asparagus, risotto, a cod cake/dip (below), pork, and a type of salmon mousse that none of us remembered ordering.IMG_4909Delicious.  Wonderful.  A blend of tradition with new experiences.  This is why I love Paris.



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