Corned Beef Breakfast Hash

Somehow the end of my time at Notre Dame managed to roll around, and a 2.6 lb corned beef brisket was left nearly forgotten in the freezer. In desperation to prevent the beautiful Costco meat from going to waste, I hastily defrosted it. Without enough time to let the corned beef cook in the slow cooker to be ready for dinner, I instead decided to slow cook it overnight and use it in a breakfast corned beef hash with eggs. IMG_1670To my delight, the combination of the meat, included spice packet, one can of beer, and water resulted in this beautiful sight, complete with just as satisfying an aroma.IMG_1671I transferred my meat to a cutting board…IMG_1672…cut against grain, and everything fell apart quite nicely.IMG_1675In a separate pan, I heated up EVOO and threw in some frozen hashbrowns. IMG_1676 I then sautéed onions and red peppers with butter, and then mixed this in with the potatoes. IMG_1677Then, after it got all golden brown and delicious throughout…IMG_1679…topped it with some really nice over easy eggs. I think that next time my strategy will be to get a bigger piece of meat, defrost it with enough time to make it for dinner, and then use the leftovers in the hash. However, there is just something so satisfying about waking up from a good night’s sleep to find a crockpot full of aromatic and perfectly cooked meat, without having had to lift a finger in hours.


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