Sweet Potato, Smoked Salmon Stack with Poached Egg

This is the second weekend in a row that I made a brunch starring sweet potato. While last weekend’s chili was the epitome of low maintenance comfort food, today’s sweet potato stack with salmon, guacamole, and poached egg is more of a dish where the fun is in the plating.IMG_1612I started off by grating a sweet potato and squeezing out the excess liquid. Then, I mixed in a chopped green onion, one egg, S/P, and a little bit of flour to hold it together. IMG_1614Next, I spooned the mixture into my pan….IMG_1616And fried until the sweet potato became tender on the inside, and crispy on the outside. IMG_1622To plate, I layered two of my sweet potato pancakes with some guacamole and smoked salmon, finally topping the whole stack with a poached egg.IMG_1627Once I cut the egg open, the yolk dripped slowly down, making a perfect sauce for the rest of the stack. The yolk was such a great consistency that I couldn’t help myself from taking a video of this yolky lava flow of perfection. However, I’m not going to share my video just because I want you to see and taste how great it is in person 🙂


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