Salmon Burgers From Scratch: It’s Worth It!

I love Costco. I’m not ashamed to admit that some of my favorite sweaters and my favorite pair of leather leggings (yes, leather) come from Costco. Because they only carry about 4,000 unique items at any given time- compared to a typical grocery store which carries between 30,000 to 50,000- there isn’t any room for sub-par products. One of my favorite products they carry is the frozen Alaskan Salmon Burgers. In the past, I’ve heated them up and eaten them as burgers, or on to top of salads, as you can see here:IMG_0755But today I came to the realization that the 5 extra minutes it takes to make salmon burgers from scratch is completely worth it. I had a leftover filet of salmon that I had baked two nights ago and I needed to use it soon. So I chopped some red onion and carrot and added them to my nutribullet along with my roughly chopped salmon.IMG_1575Then I added one egg, S/P, and some focaccia seasoning before forming the mixture into two patties. After pan searing for a couple of minutes on each side, I ended up with this beauty: IMG_1577I know that eating a salmon patty over a kale salad doesn’t quite constitute the use of the name “burger”, but it’s really the same principle. Although I love Costco’s burgers, mine had a much more distinct “fresh flaked salmon” flavor because it wasn’t as dense. It also liked that it wasn’t nearly as salty, but that I could still choose my own spices to flavor the patties. The best part is that I froze the second burger, meaning that I now have my own frozen salmon burger, perfectly fit for a quick lunch or dinner fix.


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