Buttermilk Panna Cotta

The thing about buying buttermilk is that usually whatever you are making only requires a little bit for the recipe.  Then you end up with this huge carton of non-drinkable milk and you are left wondering, “Okay, so what do I do now?” I’ve used leftover buttermilk to make cake, coffeecake, and muffins (I should add pancakes to this list), but this still only slightly whittled away at what was leftover.  THEN I found a recipe for buttermilk panna cotta!!!


With over a cup of buttermilk in the recipe, I was thrilled!  I’ve made several different kinds of panna cotta before (matcha, pumpkin, vanilla), but I was intrigued by the use of tangy buttermilk.


I thought it was delicious! This recipe ended up being a bit firmer than some other panna cotta recipes I’ve tried, but I still loved it.  I was feeling a bit indecisive about toppings, so I decided to go with a variety.  I dropped a small dollop of passion fruit jelly from Hawaii, placed some fresh blueberries, and added some honey drops.

IMG_4380In my opinion, this is the perfect dessert after you’ve had something spicy or garlicky….it’s so refreshing and not too sweet (that’s where the jelly and honey come in).  Definitely a successful dessert.



One thought on “Buttermilk Panna Cotta

  1. Love the topping ideas! I also found the recipe to produce a rather firm panna cotta—glad I wasn’t the only one! xx

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