Paleo Chocolate Mug Cake

So here I am, three full days before the Illinois Bar Exam and in need of a mini break from all the studying.  It’s been a loonnngggg (and yet also extremely fast and short) two months since I decided to put myself through this torture again.  One year ago, when I was studying for the New York and New Jersey Bar Exams, I certainly did not think I would be doing it AGAIN a year later.  Oh well, what’s done is done and Tuesday will be here before I know it.  And then it will be Wednesday and the test will be over and done!!! IMG_4142 One of the snacks that has kept me going through these cold snowy night of studying has been this chocolate mug cake.  The recipe is from the blog Paleo Grubs, and it is a single portion microwave cake that is perfect for satisfying your chocolate craving.IMG_4143 The ingredients are super simple too: almond flour, cocoa powder, almond milk, an egg, vanilla, and honey.  I also throw in a pinch of salt and some chocolate chips (for this to be truly paleo I’d have to have the right kind of chocolate chips, but alas such a shopping excursion will have to wait until after the exam).  The chocolate chips do sink to the bottom of the batter in the mug, but I don’t mind – it means more melty goodness when I’m finishing up my dessert!IMG_4144 I also like to dollop some almond butter right when the cake comes out of the microwave so it melts down into it a bit, and to make it even more delicious I add half of a banana, sliced.  I mean, chocolate and bananas go well together, bananas and almond butter are SO good together, and chocolate and nuts are amazing and perfect for that salty-sweet sensation.  So I knew I couldn’t go wrong with this combo. IMG_4147OMG so good.  I have been in love with this since I first tried it.  Funny story, actually, the very first time I accidentally used almond butter instead of almond milk in the mix……it was still good, it was just a really dense cake.  And yes, I had to try it again to get it right and ended up with two mug cakes . . . Delicious.  Try this, it’s so so good! Oh yeah, and after the bar, more time for blogging!


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