Afternoon Tea at Teaberry’s

This year we decided to make our Post-Thanksgiving-Mother-Daughter-Afternoon-Tea an annual thing.  Last year, we treated ourselves to tea at one of the Marriotts in London with the most breathtaking view of the Thames and Parliament.  This year we tried Teaberry’s in Flemington, NJ.


So cute and cozy!  I did love the classy chandeliers paired with the beautiful ceramic teapots adorning the room.


Finally I understand what a “tea cozy” is.  I think I had only ever heard of them in Harry Potter (clothing for the house elves).

Quite the tea sandwich assortment.  I wish I remembered them all in specific detail, but for now we must just appreciate them for their beauty and rely on our memories that they all were wonderful.IMG_3857

Possibly one of my favorite reasons for eating scones, the condiments: clotted cream, raspberry jam, and lemon curd – literally all my favorites.  In other words, I would eat them straight . . . right off a spoon . . .IMG_3858

Beautiful scones as well.  They had plain, blueberry, and maple walnut, so we sampled all three.IMG_3859

Time for the dessert round.  I do think this was the most amount of desserts I’ve ever been served at an afternoon tea.  My favorites were probably the raspberry tart and the powdered sugar pecan cookie.IMG_3860

Oh yes, and then there was green tea ginger gelato to cleanse the palate.IMG_3861All in all, this was a lovely mother-daughter experience.  I would highly recommend Teaberry’s for the perfect afternoon tea.  All the food was delicious, and you can take whatever you don’t finish home with you.  We tried to take the desserts home, but unfortunately forgot them at the table when we stood up to take a group picture 😦


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