Holiday Tea Party

The weekend after Christmas, we decided to host a High Tea style lunch for Christine’s field hockey friends and their mothers.

The key to preparing such a feast is, of course, to make what you can ahead of time, but also to wrap the sandwiches themselves in slightly damp wet paper towels to prevent them from drying out.

Here you can see open-faced versions of all the sandwiches we featured:

Smoked salmon on cucumber and cream cheese with dill; prosciutto and herbed brie; roast beef with swiss and horseradish on rye; and egg salad with relish and ham


Here Christine is putting the finishing touches on the pavlova I baked that morning.
IMG_4010Thanks for all your help, Caleb.
IMG_4014Beautifully done!

Flourless Chocolate BrowniesIMG_4018

And of course you can’t have tea without Cream Scones!IMG_4016

Scone fixings – clotted cream, whipped cream, strawberry jam, raspberry jam, and homemade blueberry and nectarine preserves
Another successful day of baking.


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