Banana Pancakes “Recipe”

I don’t quite know whether this recipe even counts as a “recipe”. I’d say that it probably has the same complexity as adding hot water to instant ramen (no disrespect, instant ramen is still delicious). For anyone who needs a quick, super healthy, pick-me-up snack or meal, these banana pancakes are the perfect answer. Only two, TWO ingredients! I found this pancake recipe on Cassey Ho’s blog,, and wish I had found it years ago to save myself what was probably many accumulated hours of ho-humming and not knowing what snack would satisfy my craving.

IMG_0791 All you do is mash one ripe banana in a bowl together with two eggs, and beat until a batter forms. Then, spoon the batter into mini pancakes (about 4 per pan), cooking 1-2 minutes per side. I like to coat my pan with a little bit of coconut oil to prevent sticking and to give the pancakes an extra nutty flavor. The rest is all in the details. Depending on what I have on hand, I top my pancakes with applesauce, spiced pumpkin puree, berries (fresh or frozen), greek yogurt, granola, peanut butter, and usually finish them with dash of cinnamon and honey.

IMG_0792The natural sugar from the banana is great because it sweetens the pancakes without having to douse or dip them in syrup. For any skeptical die-hard pancake lovers, I implore you to at least try it once. The dish is surprisingly satisfying and because it is flourless, guilt-free!  I’m not suggesting that anyone swear off traditional pancakes for this banana substitute, but I am suggesting that it is a great and healthy alternative for more frequent consumption (especially late night cravings to satisfy a sweet tooth).

The other benefit is that these pancakes are great for dressing up or down depending on the meal/time of day, or even the season. While pumpkin puree is the perfect Autumn flavor, I’m already contemplating possible winter options including gingerbread extract in the batter and a cranberry sauce topping…I’ll keep you posted over the next few chilly months!


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