Summer’s Best Ice Cream

With the quickly approaching close of summer, I thought an ode to this summer’s best ice cream was needed.  I definitely had my fair share of ice cream all throughout the summer, and some scoops really stood out more than others.

First, my local favorite – the Bent Spoon in Princeton, NJ.IMG_2852

On this occasion, I tried strawberry earl grey (yes, that’s one flavor) with hazelnut.  I recently became a big fan of strawberry ice cream.  My favorite is Haagan Dazs – it just has the best real strawberry flavor.  Plus it’s rich and creamy with chunks of strawberries in it.  This strawberry earl grey from Bent Spoon was dynamite.  Amazing real strawberry flavor (and I know because I saw the tub of fresh strawberries they were using) with just the right blend of earl grey.  I had previously tried their chocolate earl grey flavor, but I think it works even better with strawberry.  Mmm, so good.

Here I tried fresh mint with cocoa nib and hazelnut again.  What can I say, I’m a HUGE hazelnut fan.IMG_2908

The mint was very refreshing, sweet, and creamy.  The cocoa nibs add just the right amount of crunch.  Sometimes chocolate chips or chunks can be too hard against the smoothness of ice cream, but these little tiny crispy bits are just right.  And the hazelnut was just amazing.  I can’t decide whether I like the plain hazelnut or the milk chocolate hazelnut flavor better . . .

A few weeks ago while visiting Rochester, NY, I tried Eat Me Ice Cream at the Rochester Food Truck Rodeo.IMG_3012

Their “food truck” was this cute little freezer/cooler attached to bikes.  Eat Me Ice Cream is local, handmade, and even offers vegan options.IMG_3009I was extremely intrigued by the “I dream of Italy” flavor (olive oil and basil), but instead I decided to play it safe for my first sampling and went with the chocolate and vanilla ice cream sandwich.  
IMG_3014Real freshly baked cookies hold together this hefty portion of swirled ice cream.  I enjoyed this ice cream sandwich very much.  It felt so real, especially compared to the traditional chipwich sandwich I used to eat from pool snack bars.  The ice cream really tasted fresh, and somehow it wasn’t extremely heavy.  A very tasty and refreshing snack.  I would definitely be interested to try some of their more exotic flavors.

On our last free week of summer, we visited our good friend Laurie in Ocean Grove.  After lunch, we crossed the cute beach street to order ice cream cones from Nagle’s, another local favorite.  We first tried to sit inside, but the wait time was 45 minutes! Good thing they have an order window as well!

I ordered a single scoop of rocky road in a sugar cone.IMG_3237Look at that beautiful fudge swirl.  This ice cream was super creamy.  A bit on the soft and melty side, but it was really delicious.  There were hidden mini marshmallows engulfed in a wonderfully chocolate ice cream.  The only tiny hiccup was that there was only one almond in the whole cone, but really I was so pleased with the taste of the ice cream as a whole that I didn’t mind too much.

Another last-minute-summer-ice-cream-experience happened at Franklin Fountain in Philadelphia.  Check out the Franklin Fountain Post to read about it.

In case you were wondering, yes, I did get ice-creamed-out at the very end.  I think it’s going to take me a bit of time to recover . . .


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