Franklin Fountain Ice Cream Parlor

Another visit to Philadelphia this summer landed us at The Franklin Fountain.IMG_3250

Franklin Fountain boasts an old-fashioned ice cream and soda shop interior.  There is definitely a wow factor as soon as you walk in.  It reminded me a bit of the ice cream parlor on Main Street in Disney World, so of course I was immediately put in a good mood.IMG_3155

So many flavors! And their menu features a selection of grand-sounding sundaes.  There are all sorts of other enticing sweet treats, including the many soda flavors behind the bar, however, I was there for ice cream on this occasion.


My mom, aunt, and grandmother shared this peach melba parfait: peach ice cream, raspberry puree, whipped cream, and sliced almonds.


As delicious as it was beautiful.

I ordered a scoop of the honeycomb ice cream in a sugar cone.  First, let me say the cone was perfect – sturdy without being too stiff, and it tasted extremely fresh.  The ice cream really hit the spot.  Extremely creamy, great honey flavor, and made even better by the honeycomb chunks.  I became a big honeycomb fan while living in the UK where I would buy chocolate covered honeycomb, and this ice cream really brought me back to those happy days.


It was great to walk to this ice cream shop from my grandmother’s apartment, and even though the only seating was outdoor tables and chairs on the sidewalk, it really was a wonderful summer ice cream experience (especially for my tastebuds!!!).


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