Classic Diner Breakfasts

Sometimes there is nothing better on a Saturday morning than a classic diner breakfast.  Sure, making your own pancakes or waffles at home is fun and gives you a nice sense of accomplishment, but there is always something special about going out for a hearty breakfast with your friends and family on a morning where you don’t have to rush off to work or school.   Here are some of my diner breakfast experiences from this summer . . .

First, we have PJ’s Pancake House in Princeton, NJ.

Definitely a Princeton classic, this local joint serves pancakes (and everything else) all day long.  And their website is – how cool is that!  I went there during the cold early months of this year when I needed a break from studying for the bar, and I left fully satisfied and ready for another afternoon of Barbri videos (if you don’t know what I’m talking about, trust me, you don’t want to).  Anyway, PJ’s offers exciting pancake combinations, like banana walnut, old west buckwheat, and peanut butter chocolate chip.  You can also get a pancake sampler!  In my opinion, however, their buttermilk pancakes are truly their best work (you must order them if you go here, which you should!).


On this occasion a few weeks ago, I ordered the “Two-Fer,” which comes with 2 buttermilk pancakes, 2 eggs, 2 slices of bacon, and one link of sausage.  This is pretty much the perfect breakfast – it hits all the big exciting breakfast items.  And it keeps you full pretty much all day long.

I did also order real maple syrup (sorry for being kind of a maple syrup snob – I’d never heard of Aunt Jemima until summer sleep-away camp).  It does cost extra, but at least it came in this cute little bottle.IMG_2958

I didn’t use all my syrup, so I stashed the bottle in my purse as my mind replayed scenes from the movie Elf . . .

Another diner breakfast staple . . . the omelet.  This one comes from Jine’s in Rochester, NY.


On this beautiful day we were lucky enough to find a sidewalk table and enjoy the warm summer weather.  We passed so many good looking plates on the way to our table, but I knew I was in the mood that day for toast . . . and something to go with it, which would obviously have to be eggs.  Jine’s offers all sorts of Eggs Benedict dishes, but the omelet was calling my name.  I ordered a spinach, mushroom and cheese omelet and asked for them to add tomatoes as well.  I feel like the entire flavor of the omelet can really be enhanced by a small jolt of acidity.  In my opinion it was definitely the right call, and I enjoyed a delicious omelet . . . with my toast and jam of course!

The final mention today goes to the Highland Park Diner in Rochester, NY.

IMG_3040I love making french toast at home, but when I order it out at a restaurant I expect big thick pieces of bread moistened just the right amount in egg batter with a beautiful golden brown crust on the edges – not overly soaked thin slices of sandwich bread (I mean, I can make that for myself at home).  I was certainly not disappointed by this sampling.  My slices of challah french toast were perfect – just what I was craving on this Sunday morning.


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