Nashville Part III: Merchants & Broadway Brewhouse

Our last two meals out took us to Broadway in downtown Nashville.  For dinner on the second night we went to Merchants, a converted former hotel.  Upstairs there is a more formal dining room, but we opted for the bistro downstairs.  We were seated right next to the front window so we could see both the central bar inside the restaurant as well as the street outside . . . and the torrential downpour that continued all through dinner.IMG_3130

This restaurant had a very chic and trendy vibe with a revolving glass door and a primarily black and white color scheme.  Perfect for a classy bachelorette party dinner.

Our eyes were immediately drawn to the duck fat tater tots at the top of the menu (purposeful placement in my opinion).  We opted for the half order, which came with a spicy remoulade, a béarnaise sauce, and ketchup.  The spicy remoulade was my favorite.  The tots were perfectly crispy, and a great start to our dinner.

Once again, I ordered the fish tacos.  I think sometimes I just get on a kick where I will order the same thing over and over.  I did that when I went to Europe for the first time, except then it was with creme brûlée.


Anyway, these fish tacos featured mahi mahi, mojo, pico da gallo, jalapeño aioli, guacamole, and slaw.  I also ordered mine with a side of sweet potato fries (my favorite!) that came with some BBQ dipping sauce.  The mahi mahi was more meaty than the fish in my tacos at Whiskey Kitchen, but I thought it went well with the abundance of sliced cabbage from the slaw.  There was a great mix of textures, from the fish to the slaw, to the tomatoes, the quac, and the radishes on top.  I did feel that there were stronger and more pronounced flavors in these tacos, and I was very pleased with my dinner selection.

On our final day in Nashville, we returned to Broadway to buy boots from Boot Country (the store behind the pick-up truck in the picture below with the big red and white boot display).IMG_3143

After our shopping, we were in need of some refreshments and lunch.  We chose Broadway Brewhouse across the street.  I ordered a “bushwhacker,” which is on some lists of must-try food/drinks in Nashville. IMG_3144

It is essentially a milkshake with alcohol in it.  The ingredients include rum, coffee liquor, chocolate liquor, coconut milk, cream and/or half and half, and ice.  Definitely my kind of drink (I also love white russians), and a perfect way to conclude an amazing weekend in Nashville.


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