Omelets Two Ways at Park Central

Another Saturday morning at South Beach, another relaxing brunch overlooking the bustling street of pimped out cars and half-dressed Miami residents. Once again, the restaurant of choice was Park Central, but this time Brian and I gave the brunch menu a shot. It was a good thing we did because we were both surprisingly impressed by our meals.

Brian ordered a rock shrimp omelet, complete with red onions, tomatoes, guacamole, and red peppers. The variety of textures in the omelet- crunchy, creamy, and slightly chewy made every bite interesting. The flavors didn’t overpower the shrimp, but the herbed potatoes on the side did provide a nice and salty contrast to the eggs.

IMG_0566I ordered an open-faced omelet topped with sweet Italian sausage, red peppers, and melted mozzarella cheese. The sausage and mozzarella combination was extremely reminiscent of a pizza flavor, but the fluffy egg and a good splash of tabasco gave it much more of a breakfast vibe.

IMG_0568The clean presentation of the food as well as the simple but well executed concepts gave this brunch both a homey and interesting feel. While neither dish was particularly daring nor out there, the well paired ingredients and careful plating upgraded the meal to give it a greater air of sophistication amid the raucous setting of South Beach.


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