Dinner Frittata

After sampling some of Sara’s frittata at the Simple Café in Milwaukee, I decided to try my hand at making one as another breakfast for dinner meal. In “Morning Glory”, the film featuring Harrison Ford, Rachel McAdams, Diane Keaton, and Patrick Wilson, the climax of the movie occurs when Harrison Ford cooks a frittata on the morning television show Rachel McAdams produces. Watching the movie gave me perhaps the most information about what even goes into a frittata and how to cook one. Since watching it, frittatas have been on my list of “to-make” breakfasts (or in this case dinner). Because a traditional frittata is usually cooked on the stovetop and under the broiler, I had to do some research on whether or not a solely stovetop method was feasible. To my luck, there exists quite a handful of no-bake recipes floating around the internet.

I first started out by sautéing some chopped onions with spinach, tomatoes, kale, and broccoli so that everything got nice and soft. Then, I removed the veggies from my pan and poured in the egg mixture, which consisted of 6 beaten eggs, a healthy splash of milk, and black pepper. In order to give the fritatta a little more texture, I used the technique I use on my omelets and pushed the egg around while it was still pretty liquid. Once the mixture began to set, I added the cooked veggies on top, covered my pan, and waited…

When I could finally see small air bubbles at the surface of my frittata and the egg looked nearly cooked, I topped everything off with some sliced cheddar cheese and a sprinkling of parmesan. The frittata held its shape quite nicely and slid beautifully out of pan on to my plate. I then sliced, served, and topped with a little more parmesan and sriracha.

IMG_0496I was a little bit wary of how the leftover of the frittata would keep, but the next day I simply reheated a few small slices in the microwave for lunch. Of course there is nothing like the fresh cooked version, but the frittata leftovers provided me with a veggie-packed and filling lunch that was easily transportable to work. While BK has an excellent dining room for its employees, I must say that I truly have a sense of pride and accomplishment when I pull out my home-cooked leftovers for lunch and I can see all the curious stares coming my way. Despite my initial disappointment in the kitchen facilities at the Extended Stay, there is no doubt that I have been challenged to be creative in my pursuit of cooking simple but tasty dishes this summer.


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