Creperie Beaumonde Birthday Lunch


For an early birthday lunch, my aunt treated me to a wonderful lunch at Creperie Beaumonde in Philadelphia.

While the inside is rather loud, the walls and decor definitely provide the feel and colors of an old style Parisian cafe.

I also loved their serving dish for milk.

I had seen something similar at Anthropologie.  I’m convinced I will have one of these someday.

My mom and aunts ordered the French Onion Soup.  With most French onion soups my biggest concern is that it will be too salty.  This, however, was not.  In fact, it was quite lovely.  A rich broth filled with caramelized onions and topped with crusty bread and cheese.  It was not super greasy or oily, and I could see why my aunts keep returning here for this soup.  Definitely one of the better versions of this soup I have had.IMG_2753

We also ordered the escargots for an appetizer.  Although the actual escargots were cooked well, I must say this was not my favorite version of this dish.  The grilled baguette slices were way to crunchy for me.  The “sauce” the escargots were in really just felt like butter and garlic, I couldn’t taste any herbs at all, and in fact it almost felt like it needed some salt.  Luckily, everything else during our meal was excellent.

My salad, for instance, was SUPERB.IMG_2754

I ordered the daily special salad, which was roasted beets topped with sour cherries, ricotta, leeks, arugula, and pistachios.  I also asked for an addition of smoked salmon, and I’m glad I did.  Not only did it add more substance to the dish, but I think the light pinkish-coral next to the dark red of the beets and the bright green of the arugula really makes for a more visually stunning dish.IMG_2756

Not only was the dish beautiful, but this was probably one of the best beet salads I have ever had (and I’ve liked all the ones I’ve had).  The sweet beets and the creamy ricotta went so well together. And the light crispiness from the fennel and arugula.  And the punch from the sour cherries.  Seriously, this was amazing.  I want to try to recreate this at home because it was just so wonderful.

My aunt had the crab salad, which came on top of a bed of kale, bacon and hazelnuts and garnished with grilled pear.

Mike had a special brunch crepe with scrambled eggs, roasted poblano peppers, swiss cheese, tomatoes, avocado corn salsa and caramelized tomato sauce. So good.  So warm and comforting with some extra excitement from all the flavors.


Mom had the scallops crepe with chives and seafood sauce.  Divine.


And, of course, we had to order a sweet crepe to finish everything off.  My aunt recommended the pear and chocolate crepe with creme Anglaise and Chantilly whipped cream.  I loved this one.  The pears were soft and delicious against the rich chocolately flavor.  And the creme Anglaise was just wonderful to spoon on top and make each bite even more decadent.  My favorite part, though, was how the edges of the crepe were slightly crispy.  And the birthday candle too, of course.
IMG_2760Truly an excellent birthday lunch!


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