Smoke Shack – Milwaukee

To continue our 4th of July eating experience . . . our dinner stop was the infamous Smoke Shack.IMG_2601

It is literally a shack-looking thing sandwiched in-between two significantly taller buildings.  There is some outdoor seating, which seems like it would actually be quite nice during the summer, but we opted for the cool inside where we had the fortunate surprise of being able to watch the Brazil v. Colombia game.

I asked the waitress for a beer similar to a Blue Moon and she recommended this bottle of Oberon.  I was quite pleased with her suggestion.IMG_2602

So the deal with the Smoke Shack is that the smoked meats become available at 5:00pm.  For this reason, we showed up sometime around 4:30 and decided to start with beer and appetizers while waiting for the main course.

First, we ordered the cornmeal fried okra.

I could tell it was a proper version of fried okra, but I have never been a big fan of okra myself.  It’s a texture thing. . .it’s a bit too slimy for me.

Second, we ordered cornbread and sweet potato fries (yay!!!).IMG_2604

This was probably the sweetest, softest cornbread I’ve ever had.  It was almost like a delicate cake.  The fries were perfect.

Finally, the main event arrived.

Here we had the smoked pulled pork with macaroni and cheese.  I especially liked mine with the Kentucky sauce.

Next came the smoked baby back ribs with collard greens cooked in honey and vinegar.

More smoked ribs with sweet and spicy beans.IMG_2607

And then Brisket with cole slaw.

Just look at that beautiful pink coloring just below the bark of the brisket.  With some of the House sauce, this was exceptional.  What could be more perfect on the 4th of July than having smoked pork, ribs, and brisket?

We ended our 4th of July celebration with a sunset cruise through the Milwaukee river and along the coast of Lake Michigan.


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