Le Pain Quotidien

A few years ago I discovered Le Pain Quotidien.

My first experience was in New York City near Central Park.  I was there for a Yankee’s game, and happened to stumble in.  I immediately fell in love with the ambiance, the wooden tables and decor, and of course the food.  Since then I have dined at other Le Pain‘s in Philadelphia and London, and I have enjoyed it every time.  I am always excited to see what seasonal items have been added to the menu, and I absolutely LOVE going for breakfast or brunch because their jams and spreads are AMAZING.  Christine even got me one for Christmas.  She is so thoughtful.

When Christine first arrived in London about to begin her semester abroad, she and I went to the Le Pain near St. Paul’s on an extremely rainy afternoon (it was literally a downpour).  I was interning at the time at a law firm in London, and it was great to help Christine get situated in a new city.


Silly Christine.  Looks like she really enjoyed her soup though!

Later that same summer in London, I went back to Le Pain for late night dessert.  Usually when I go I am too full for dessert, so I was very excited to finally try something sweet.  I chose the cheesecake, which was lovely.  Light, fluffy, still very creamy, and not too sweet.  It was closer to a Japanese style cheesecake than the heavier (but still delicious) version you find at the Cheesecake Factory.  To accompany my dessert, I enjoyed a pot of green tea.IMG_1042

When I went back to London for my LLM graduation (the ceremony was in Edinburgh, Scotland), I returned to Le Pain for brunch with Christine, Mike, and eventually my dad as well.  I really enjoy their egg dishes, particularly the soft boiled egg and the salmon and scrambled eggs.

More recently, on a visit to Philadelphia I found myself at the Le Pain on Walnut Street for lunch with my mom, aunts, grandmother, and Mike.  Shiroi Hana was closed for lunch on Saturday, and luckily Le Pain was just across the street so I didn’t have to crutch very far.

We all started off with strawberry mimosas.IMG_2315

Beautiful and tasty.

For my lunch I ordered the seasonal special tartine (Belgian open-faced sandwich) – ricotta with prosciutto, shaved asparagus, and arugula.

It was very light and refreshing.  The textures from the creamy ricotta, chewy prosciutto, and crisp greens was a lovely mix.

Mike ordered the roasted turkey and avocado tartine with sliced radishes, arugula, sliced cucumber, and tomato salsa.IMG_2317

In fact, I believe this was the first tartine I ever tried from Le Pain.

For an after-lunch coffee, a beautiful mocha.IMG_2319

And, my usual, a pot of Earl Grey tea with a spot of milk and a hint of sugar.IMG_2320

It may drive everyone else crazy to keep returning to the same establishment, but there are still items on the menu I haven’t tried yet!  The moral of the story is that when I fall in love with something, I always want to keep going back again and again and again.


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