Summer Grilling

To celebrate the first official day of summer, dinner was made on the grill.

I know, everyone grills, but I was so extremely happy with the way these vegetables turned out that I had to share.  And everything from start to finish was so easy!

The prep: slice one large zucchini very thinly, then season with salt and pepper and marinate in Wegman’s basting oil; cut up a pepper into large strips and season with salt and pepper


Throw them on the grill and wait for char marks to appearIMG_2394

On to the corn . . .

Mike massaged the corn with Wegman’s chipotle lime finishing butter, then they sat on the grill for about 15 minutes

I wish this picture wasn’t blurry . . . but you can see the chicken has made it onto the grill and the corn and peppers are starting to char

Finished product!

Grilled corn with chipotle lime butter topped with shaved Asiago cheeseIMG_2397

And the greens, which were SO amazingly sweet and delicious.IMG_2398


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