Triumph Brewery – New Hope and Princeton

Triumph Brewery has become one of my go-to restaurants for a dinner out.  When my family first moved to New Jersey, we used to frequent Triumph in Princeton much more often, however a series of undercooked and over salted meals kept us away for many years.  More recently, however, I believe there has been a significant change in the creativity and direction of the menu as well as a personnel change in the kitchen because I have been extremely pleased with everything I have tried there over the last several years.

Usually I go to the Triumph in Princeton, as it is closer to home, but last weekend I found myself out in New Hope and so I will start with my eating experience at the New Hope Triumph.

For some reason I had been in an odd funk earlier this day, but as soon as my plate arrived I was awoken from my slump by the beautiful display in front of me.

  I had ordered the “spinach salad” – baby spinach, cured salmon, deviled eggs, radishes, and horseradish citrus-poppyseed vinaigrette

The dark pink of the salmon caught my eye right away.  It had a deeper smoked flavor than the light pink smoked salmon we usually eat at home.  The baby spinach leaves were mixed with frisee leaves, and the deviled eggs were topped with julienned radishes and a surprising waffle chip.  The dressing was beautifully light and had a wonderful flavor that tied all the other ingredients on the plate together very well.

If ever there was a dish to brighten my mood, it was this one.  I was so thrilled at the presentation, and the flavors were so satisfying.  I could not have asked for a better lunch.

Now on to Princeton . . .

The last time I was here was during the winter menu.  This included the heavenly (but undoubtedly rich and heavy) duck macaroni and cheese.

Listed as an appetizer, this could certainly be a main course.  Served with caramelized onions, taleggio, a fried egg, herbs and bread crumbs, this dish truly falls under the category of divine comfort food.  Rich and creamy and not at all light on the duck!  This is definitely a treat-once-in-a-while dish, but I am so glad we had the guts to order it this time.

Also as a side note, as Triumph is a brewery, the beer sampler is a must.  My personal favorite beer served here is the Honey Blonde.

My favorite dish to order, is the roasted beet salad with calamari added on top.

In addition to being a beautiful dish, this salad also offers an exciting range of textures and flavors.  As you can see, the salad comes with two types of roasted beets (golden and red), spinach, toasted pistachios, seven sisters cheese, and a tarragon vinaigrette.  I think the pink drizzle on top with the dressing must be from the beets as well.  The fried calamari adds crunch and saltiness to the sweetness of the beets in this dish.  This is sort of a cheat dish for me, because I can convince myself there is something healthy about it since it includes spinach and beets . . . and let’s just call the calamari a garnish for now. . .


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