Java’s Cafe – Rochester

Whenever I visit Rochester, Mike takes me to Java’s Cafe.


Java’s is the local coffee shop that makes you want to sit and take your time about enjoying a delicious cup of coffee.  And they offer so much more than “just coffee.”  Their menu features an array of creative espresso, coffee, juice and tea drinks featuring local ingredients and nothing artificial.

Usually I order a “shot in the dark” (hot chocolate with a shot of espresso, and whipped cream and chocolate if you want), but that’s because usually it’s very cold in Rochester.  This time, however, the summer sun inspired me to try an iced drink.

Mike ordered the “chocolate sitch” – espresso, chocolate + milk blended with ice.


Reminiscent of a Starbucks frappuccino, but so much more.

This drink definitely has a strong chocolate flavor, but it is not overly sweet in a way that makes you feel like you are drinking a milkshake instead of an espresso drink.  The ice and the milk also blended very well together, allowing us to enjoy every last drop without anything weird leftover.

I went for the “caramel cascata” – double espresso, caramel + milk, shaken with ice.

IMG_2358The foam dome on top makes the drink look so enticing.  It tasted similarly to a caramel macchiato from Starbucks, but the caramel flavor was more muted (which I liked) and the espresso really shone through.

However, I did not realize I had ordered a drink with a double shot of espresso . . .

Anyway, here is my drink after the foam settled.  Still very picturesque.
IMG_2360Mike and I have also eaten lunch at Java’s several times, and I have always been very impressed with the creativity of the soups and sandwiches as well as, of course, the taste of them (very good and fresh!!!!!).  Next time though, I think I will have to order one of their HUGE cookies on display at the bar.


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