Father’s Day: Chocolate Cake with Chocolate Frosting

 What better way to celebrate Father’s Day than grilled steaks and CHOCOLATE CAKE!!!!!!!!!


For the last year, my dad’s commute has not been daily, but rather weekly.  His office is in Milwaukee, which means he flies back and forth from New Jersey to Wisconsin every week.  I can only imagine how taxing all that travel is, so I wanted to do something special for him this weekend.  When he arrived home this week, his first question after dinner was “Do we have anything chocolatey?”  I took this as my cue to make something VERY chocolatey for Father’s Day.

After scrolling through many enticing looking recipes, I settled on this one for “triple chocolate layer cake” from Sally’s Baking Addiction.

First the dry ingredients:


The wet and the dry after they had been mixed together:IMG_2311

Baked and cooling:

After cooling for most of the day, time to frost!!!IMG_2321

IMG_2323Triple chocolate sounded good to me, so I added mini chocolate chips to the side of the cake for some extra texture.

First slice:

After we had all had some:IMG_2329In review, this is a very solid chocolate cake recipe. Everyone said it was delicious, and I agree.  I was especially pleased that this frosted version of chocolate cake went over so well because usually when we eat chocolate cake we layer it simply with whipped cream and fresh strawberries.  The cake itself was extremely moist (thank you buttermilk).  The chocolate butter cream frosting does make the cake richer, but it is not too sweet and even has a bit of a salty note to it, which in my opinion enhances the flavor of the cake combined with the frosting.  I would definitely make this cake again.  However, while this is certainly a well rounded cake recipe, I would not describe this cake as a “wow” cake (I leave that to my famous s’mores cake).  Don’t misunderstand me though, it was extremely delicious, and I would absolutely recommend the recipe.


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