Fruit Flavored Water

I have been meaning to try this flavored water recipe for quite some time.  I was inspired by this recipe suggested by Cassey Ho on her blog Blogilates.  Not only does Cassey feature healthy clean eating recipes on her blog, she also has tons of great pilates work out videos.

I was also inspired by the Aulani, where you are served a cool glass of citrus water as soon as you step out of your car at the hotel.


The water tasted great!  Very cool and refreshing.  I modified Cassey’s recipe since I didn’t have any oranges, but I think you can really make this using whatever fruits you have on hand.

Some sliced lemons . . .


Cucumbers . . .IMG_2290

Strawberries . . . IMG_2291

Freshly picked mint from our garden . . .IMG_2292
And here is the final result.

It tasted great right away, but it was even better after chilling for a while in the fridge.  However, this drink should be consumed asap (within a few hours would be best), or else the strawberries will turn into “monsters” as my mom puts it.


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