Hot Matcha Oatmeal

Inspired by Sara’s matcha overnight oats, I decided to go along with the matcha breakfast oatmeal theme. Instead of chill the oats with milk and yogurt overnight, I boiled 1 part oats with 3 parts water, simmering until the consistency became thick. Right before taking the oatmeal off the stove I added a generous teaspoon of matcha powder and stirred.


I then garnished the oatmeal with another sprinkling of the matcha powder, sliced bananas, craisins, walnuts, almond milk and brown sugar. The almond milk really brought everything together, helping to better dissolve the matcha and create a creamy consistency. The earthy taste of the matcha provided a nice contrast to the sweet banana and tart craisins, making an excellent alternative breakfast oatmeal.


In order to better dissolve the matcha and incorporate it into the oatmeal with less vigorous stirring, next time I would likely warm the almond milk and whisk in the matcha before pouring it over the oats. That way the powder could more easily dissolve into the liquid rather than thicker oats.


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