Aulani Day 8: Scuba Diving and Poke Pizza

Today we went scuba diving! We knew we had a long day ahead of us, so Mom packed us all sandwiches.  These were not just any sandwiches – these were toasted croissants with an egg omelet and smoked salmon inside.  The croissant was the perfect combination of crispy, flaky, and buttery, and the egg and salmon worked perfectly together.  Did I mention the sandwich was still hot when I unwrapped mine in the car.


Here we are after our two dives.  We saw eels, starfish, sea urchin, turtles, and lots of other fish.

IMG_1923 IMG_1929

For dinner, we went back to Pizza Corner to try the Poke Pizza.  First, the owner brought us a complimentary order of garlic knots with dipping sauce.  Perfect combination of doughy-chewiness and crunch.


As for the poke pizza, it did not disappoint.  Apparently this pizza won third place in an international pizza contest.


It is topped with Hawaiian style ahi poke, lomi lomi tomato salsa, furikake, green onion, and sesame seeds.  There was also a special sweet and spicy soy-type sauce that you could drizzle on top of the pizza.  Christine asked the manager what was in the sauce, but, much to our chagrin, the manager told us the chef won’t even tell him what he puts in the sauce!


Dad also picked up some beer for us to enjoy with the pizza.  It was a Hawaiian brand that apparently was brewed with passion fruit.  I’m not sure if I could taste the passion fruit, but the beer did go very well with the pizza.


Because we were some of the last customers in the restaurant, the manager came over and gave us two containers of a cinnamon roll version of the garlic knots with creme cheese frosting to take home.  We enjoyed them the next day for breakfast.


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