Summer Begins: Green Tea Red Bean Bingsu

Christine came back from Notre Dame on Friday, and the first thing we did was . . . drive down to Virginia to get our hair cut, shop, and eat.  Even though we only lived in Virginia for a short while (for me from when I was 3-9, for her from 0-4), we still feel like we lived there for much longer.  Maybe it’s because those were the most carefree days of our lives, but in any respect we absolutely love going back to visit our old favorite spots.

Today’s featured item is green tea red bean bingsu from the Paris Bakery.


What you see here is shaved ice topped with condensed milk, green tea ice cream, matcha powder, mochi, almonds, sweet red beans, whipped cream, and chocolate syrup.  We had to make a special request for the red beans on top, and we were surprised by the whipped cream and chocolate syrup.  Also, it looks like there is some kind of other syrup (caramel maybe), but we didn’t notice until we took the picture.

The best version of this type of dessert we had was in Hawaii, where we are now . . .


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