Blueberry Granola Pancakes

Easter Brunch can certainly be an extravagant affair.  I remember going to extensive buffets with table upon table filled with such amazing-looking food, and the best part was always the dessert spread after 40 days of no chocolate or desserts.  Two years ago I even got to bring a box of desserts home with me. 

This year was a little bit different.  My family was out at Notre Dame for Easter weekend, and we decided to forego the traditional dining hall brunch featuring lamb (not my favorite anyway) and hot cross buns, and dine instead at Le Peep in South Bend.  I ordered the blueberry granola pancakes.


Let me just say, I almost NEVER order pancakes.  Well, I guess this year is actually an exception, as I had pancakes at PJ’s Pancake House in Princeton on National Pancake Day and I had another blueberry-granola pancake stack while on spring break (my sister’s not mine) in Hilton Head.  However, I REALLY almost never order pancakes because I am very picky about the density and chewy-ness.  But these pancakes were spot on! Unlike the pancakes in Hilton Head (which were still really good!), with these pancakes, you could actually experience the crunchy factor of the granola in the batter (in Hilton Head the granola was ground into the batter). The blueberries, although frozen, were still good, and overall the pancakes were moist without feeling too heavy. I would absolutely go back for breakfast here again!


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